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Bali: Best of both worlds

Imagine walking on the beach side, just enjoying yourself alone, sand on your feet, warm sun on your skin and ocean waves as a background. In the night you can have a party in the different kind of night clubs, offering from just chill out bar and lounge to more up beat dance scene. Not feeling into some clubbing? Why don’t you spend the night just wandering around to try local food? Choose between infamous beachside seafood restaurants to more traditional Balinese cuisine. Looking for quieter getaway? Hide from the blaze of the city, traffic and night life? Enjoying the green scenery, walking down the paddy field and just admire the subak (traditional cultivation) and other traditional culture. You can have all that complete travel experience in one place, yes…Bali the land of gods, the tropical paradise of South East Asia.

Bali is located 8 degrees south of the equator between Java in the West and Lombok and the rest of the Lesser Sunda Islands (Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba and Timor) in the East. This little island is part of Indonesian archipelago, its only takes 2 hours from Singapore, 3 hours Perth (Australia), 4.5 hours from Hong Kong and it is approximately 6 hours from Sydney/Melbourne. Bali is just like one stop tourism spot, you can choose between urban beach lives to more traditional Balinese culture atmosphere. Bali also famous with the state of the art handicraft, indulge yourself with handmade perfection of traditional goods also try some Balinese traditional fabric and embroidery.

There are different travel spot you can choose in Bali, if you are into surfing, shopping and night clubbing, you can go to Kuta or drive a little bit to legian and seminyak, the view just amazing you can feel the transformation and acculturation between modern living with traditional culture. Have you ever watched the movie “eat,pray,love” starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts? The movie that based on award winning novel with the same title is having some shoot take in Bali, in Ubud to be exact. In bali you never going to have shortage in beach location option, go to uluwatu or padang padang and you can find best waves to surf in the Asia.

Need to find zen while you are travelling? Bali is the right places to be. Come visit to beautiful temple across the island, one of the famous temples is Pura Tanah Lot temple in Tabanan. The scenery is just amazing; temple is standing firmly on the cliff facing the ocean. Pura Uluwatu in Badung also offering both zen atmosphere and heavenly scenery, its located in tip of big rock cliff, and below you can see beautiful scenery of pecatu beach. Bali is complete as a perfect getaway, for you or with your family. Experiences modernity with tradition in one place, best of both worlds…. find your zen and happiness in the land of gods.


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