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Plan before its too late: benefit of pension fund

Sun already set in the west horizon and now time to rest and enjoy your life, having quality time with your family and the love ones, explore the whole new possibility…It’s your pension day. But suddenly reality bites, you need to pay your mortgage, your car is need to be fixed, monthly visit to hospital or household daily bills. You never thought that this expense is so expensive when you are still in work, you ended up cling your life to other people or even worse getting broke and force to back to work for the rest of your life.

Sound scary? Or you think that just some advertisement from insurance company? But the recent news* shows that more and more pensioner going back to work, not just because of psychological factor but simply because they need income to pay the bill. A survey by the Future Foundation on January 2012 found growing numbers of pensioners will be forced to take part-time and consultancy work into their 70s because they cannot afford to retire*. Even in most advance country like Europe, declining economic condition increase the rate of working pensioner.

So what the solution? Or you just want to go along and be part of statistic and work for the rest of your life? Or you want to take a stand and do some preventive action? Because you feel that life is not just about work and work, life is more precious when you enjoy it. Because you want to spend valuable time with friends and family, before your time in this world is over….Then the answer is pension fund. Plan your life before it’s to late and what better way to keep your pension life easy than spare some money while you can make it.

Choose a pension fund that have flexibility and transparency, do not hesitate to ask the agent what the benefit they give to you and also demand them to show what makes them more reliable than other company. Always do your own research, compare each company product, if it possible make appointment with different agent. More research you do, mean more information, more information mean that you going to have the best product. In the end of the day, the keyword is PLANNING; plan your life before its too late…don’t waste your time with regret. Good planning mean good life…start plan now!


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