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SMS murah IM3 embracing affordable communication in Indonesia

What do you recall if you hear about Indonesian people?  Beside the most common answer like friendly and warm attitude, Indonesian also known as society that value family as an important thing in life and togetherness between friends is the key part of happiness. That’s why communication is main part of Indonesian culture, since the dawn of time we always embrace every kind of communication, singing, story telling or even in the form of dancing.

As times goes by and technology come to improve quality of communication, now more medium that can serve our way to communicate easily. Mobile phones now have seen as the right medium especially in Indonesia to communicate each other, mobile phone user in Indonesia is growing rapidly nowadays, based on recent survey* Indonesia is the fifth largest mobile phone user in world and number one in the South East Asia region. Mobile phones also have change the way people in Indonesia communicate, it serve not only as a medium of communication also as entertainment device.

Smart phone also take part in changing the way people connect each other, messenger and online chat provide more flexible and low cost solution to communicate. Even though the device become more advance in term of technology and more application can help us communicate better, one thing for sure you can not replace the main function of phones, to make a call and do text message (SMS). Some user in the remote place, where internet connection still hard to find still find, that basic function of mobile phone as an important feature, especially SMS that can deliver important news or just to say hi to long lost relatives far way, just a click of a hand. SMS give you simplicity and low cost service, key factor for Indonesian user.
SMS as the basic feature of mobile phone nowadays seem to get sidelined because of development of data connection using internet, but also SMS seen as main feature that can not been replace by other service even the most advance technology. Provider still think SMS is the way to reach new mobile phone user and give simplicity to communication.

Indosat IM3 as one of leading mobile service providers in Indonesian telecommunications industry offers varied of package to user to maximize their experience in SMS. IM3 give flexibility for user, which package they need. If you mainly used your mobile for texting, you can choose SMS voucher and SMS IM3 package, SMS voucher give you 333 SMS for 3 days by only pay for 5000 IDR, still need more SMS? Don’t worry there are two more option, 666 SMS for 10 days just only cost 10.000 and 1.666 SMS for 30 days foe 25.000 IDR. If you don’t want to bothered yourself with voucher, you can choose to register SMS package, just send SMS with this format SMS<spasi>1000 to 303 for 500 SMS that only cost for 1000 for 1 day, SMS<spasi>5000 to 303 for 333 SMS that only cost for 5000 and SMS<spasi>10000 to 303  for 333 SMS that only cost for 10000 as long the simcard is active.



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